At Studio Narra we build our own sur-real fictions. We like to conduct sensory experiences where our guests expect the unexpected, engage emotionally and leave with a feeling of wonderment. We believe in radical and optimistic proposals made in its most simplest and rawest form. We are not defined by style, time or method but by our ambition to tell compelling and seriously funny ideas.

Each project is defined by oxymorons which establish a unique framework with its own rules, textures and techniques. It balances on the constant tension of rigidity and organic flows between spaces, light & darkness and the vernacular craft & global solutions. As conscious architects we take the contemporary climate policies as an opportunity to create new and relevant contributions to the built environment of tomorrow. The multiple facets of reaching a clean ecological footprint as durability, resilience, and renewable energies are key design elements at the beginning of every design.

The duo conducts a multi-disiplinary studio striving to create story-telling projects that are critically approached by architects, ergonomically shaped by designers and carefully crafted by engineers. The projects range from architecture projects, research and vast urban plans. We are always open for creative opportunities as long as they can tell a compelling narrative.

Studio Narra is founded by two complementary Belgian brothers based in Geneva and Amsterdam. They have graduated as an engineers & architects at the KU Leuven, Politecnico di Milano and Accademia di architettura di Mendrisio. The brothers also have several years of working experiences at Herzog & de Meuron in Basel and OMA in Rotterdam. They gained their knowledge  on international projects ranging from masterplans, mixed-use skyscrapers, housing, offices, public buildings, musea, interior projects, renovations, extensions and furniture design. They also founded the design platform Objects With Narratives.


Rue de la Croix d’Or 7, 1204 Geneva

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Young Talente Award Munich, Nomination
Henry Van de Velde Award, Nomination
Mies van der Rohe, YTAA, Nomination
Archiprix, Nomination
Premio Swiss Engineering TI, Master Prize, Nomination
Alumni-engineer Prize: Best Bachelor Project KUL
Lecture at deSingel, Antwerp (KUL Representative)
Lecture at STUK, Leuven (Best overall project), 4x
Exhibition at Arenbergcastle, Leuven, 8x

Architectural Digest
Wallpaper Magazine
Elle Magazine NL
A+ Magazine
De Standaard
Knack Weekend
World Landscape Architecture 
Future Architecture Platform

Salone Del Mobile, Milan
Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven
London Design Week
Collectible, Brussels
Atelier Ecru, Ghent

Mixed-Use           Genève                Under Construction       D&S          5 000 sqm
Mixed-Use           Toronto                In Progress                    HdM       60 000 sqm
Mixed-Use           Eindhoven           In Progress                    OMA       50 000 sqm
Mixed-Use           Rotterdam           Competition                  OMA        50 000 sqm
Mixed-Use           Vietnam               Competition                  HdM        62 500 sqm
Reconversion      Amsterdam          Under Construction      OMA       135 000 sqm
Reconversion      Amsterdam          In Progress                    S&E         18 000 sqm
Reconversion      Liege                   Unbuilt                          JDSA      100 000 sqm
Reconversion      Antwerp               Unbuilt                          JDSA       25 000 sqm
Housing              Brussels               Competition                 B&vB        25 000 sqm
Office                  Eindhoven            In Progress                  S&E         50 000 sqm 
Office                  China                   Competition                 HdM         25 000 sqm
Office                  Mechelen             Unbuilt                         JDSA         5 000 sqm
Hotel                   Genève                Under Construction      D&S         20 000 sqm
Hotel                   Lausanne             In Progress                  D&S           5 000 sqm

Hotel                   Basel                    In Progress                  HdM           5000 sqm
Hotel                   Bruges                 Unbuilt                         OMA          5 000 sqm 
Urban Plan         Rotterdam            Under Construction      OMA      592 000 sqm
Private House     Vevey                   Under Construction      D&S           2 000 sqm Private House     New York              Under Construction     HdM           2 500 sqm
Stadium              China                   Competition                 HdM          -
Renovation          Renens                Under Construction     D&S         20 000 sqm
Wellness              London                In Progress                 HdM           2 000 sqm
Library                 China                   Competition                HdM          15 000 sqm

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