CLIENT                     Private
YEAR                        2021
LOCATION                Basel
CO AUTHOR             Ludwig Muller
TAGS                        Objects

RENDER                   Bruno André Almeida Martins

- Process-centered design -
The initial spark for this object was the notion of creating by process, rather than creating by design. The desire to a form, independent from human manipulation, encouraged us to explore a process stimulated by uncontrolled natural forces. To manifest this into an ambiguous form, plastic is heated up around a 3D printed light source. An artificial material dominated by natural phenomena.
Thin sheets of plastic hover above a light source whose temperature is rapidly increasing. Heat transforms the plastic into a viscous state while gravity shapes the skin over the bulb. By repeating this procedure, several unique layers emerge, each with their own reflections. Some layers that are more synchronized, transmit direct light. Others that are more differing, show more distortion and disperse the light throughout the sheets.Plastic. Cheap, unsustainable and thrown away... At least how society perceives it.
To argue this mindset, we re-use leftover plastic sheets to show the potential of this undervalued product. The process of draping without a mould manifests the possibilities for individualized mass-production while adding a personal dimension to the narrative.





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